The bad news is that we only know of one single broker who can organise short term car insurance for drivers under the age of 21; in this case the minimum age limit is 17 for learner drivers and 19 for those with a full licence although they can also cover drivers up to 75, subject to the usual conditions of course. The good news is that they have a panel of insurers to choose from, and these insurers all have different criteria they use in deciding who they can, or cannot, offer cover to, and what they will charge for this, so you have a much better chance of finding a suitable policy.

Younger drivers do pose a statistically higher risk of accidents so you they almost certainly find that a higher excess will be required, probably in the region of 500 upwards. There may well be other limitations too, and you are strongly advised to read through the policy documents before deciding on whether or not to buy cover; these documents are easy to access and are written in plain English so it is fairly easy to find out exactly what is covered, and perhaps more importantly what is not.

Since you may be offered more than one policy it is not really possible to detail the exact terms and conditions that you will be offered, but in general you will be expected to drive a fully roadworthy vehicle in a sensible manner, and look after it properly; leaving it parked with a boot, window or sunroof open will almost certainly lead to refusal of a claim for theft or damage to the vehicle, and leaving the keys where they can be easily stolen can also cause a problem. In common with practically every other insurance policy on the market dangerous areas such as unmade roads, military establishments and hazardous chemical manufacturers should be avoided.

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